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Advice & FAQ

Q. Do you offer re-sprays and/or rust work?2018-11-22T20:17:37+00:00

A. As a general rule of thumb, no. We’ve found that not only does it not provide an acceptable return on investment, but also we’ve historically tended to be more expensive than is envisaged by our customers in this area. We have carried out a very small number of extensive restorations in the past however but they were very special projects involving very large sums of money.

Q. Do you do non-insurance repairs?2018-11-22T20:17:44+00:00

A. Of course. It really comes down to the budget you have in mind for any given piece of work required. If it’s really minor why not take some digital images and e-mail them to We may then be able to give you a rough price from having viewed the images. If you wish to do this please try to provide images that are approximately 200/300 KB in size and take some from a couple of different angles. We also offer many other services in addition to just plain body repair, such as Paintless Dent Removal, tyres, Air Con servicing, Paint Protection Systems etc. so it’s always worth a quick call or visit.

Q. Will my vehicle have a valet following the repair?2018-11-22T20:17:51+00:00

A. Yes. As standard procedure we shampoo pressure wash each vehicle at the end of the repair and vacuum the inside. If you would like to upgrade this then please mention it to our reception staff, who will be pleased to explain further the extras we can offer.

Q. How long will the repair take?2018-11-22T20:17:58+00:00

A. We cannot accurately predict how long it might take for every given repair. We would be able to provide a target repair period after having viewed the damage but every repair is unique and so many external factors that are uncontrollable come in to play. However we always update our customers of any delays during the repair and would like it known that having a customer’s vehicle here for any longer than is absolutely necessary is of no gain to us so you can rest assured that we’ll always be doing all we can to get it finished and we always contact our customers without fail as soon as the repair is finished.

Q. If I drive my vehicle in to have an assessment of the damage carried out, how long will this take?2018-11-22T20:18:06+00:00

A. Most estimates take about 20 minutes or so for vehicles that are still driveable. We encourage people to bring along any relevant information such as insurance details both for you and any other persons involved in the damage. Experience has shown us that much more often than not; people end up claiming on an insurance policy even where they had initially felt that the bill would be settled privately.

Q. What will happen if my vehicle is a write off (Total Loss)?2018-11-22T20:18:12+00:00

A. If your insurance type is fully comprehensive then your insurer will negotiate with you as to a settlement value. This may be done by them sending a representative to the location of your vehicle or it may be that your vehicle could come to us and they would inspect it here. Please bear in mind that if you intend to drive your vehicle to us and leave it here then it’s well worth removing as many personal effects as possible if you feel it may be a total loss as sometimes they are moved to a salvage agent fairly quickly.

Q. Which forms of payment do you accept?2018-11-22T20:18:36+00:00

A. We accept all major credit and debits cards within their respective limits and of course direct deposits via Online Banking. Cheques will be accepted but must be cleared before the vehicle is released so please bear this in mind when making any arrangements as it can take up to a week.

Q. Would the repairs carried out be guaranteed?2018-11-22T20:18:43+00:00

A. Yes. We guarantee all areas of our repair for the remainder of any manufacturers’ warranty, the period stipulated in an Approved Repairer agreement, or 24 months, whichever is the longest.

Q. If I’m VAT registered will I have to pay the VAT on the whole repair when making an insurance claim?2018-11-22T20:18:50+00:00

A. Yes, if the vehicle is a business asset and this would still be the case even if you were claiming directly from another person’s insurer. If you don’t know what being VAT registered means then you probably aren’t VAT registered! Please note that the VAT payable would be VAT on the whole repair cost, so for example if the cost of repair was £1000 you would need to pay (at current rates as of November 2018) £200 plus any excess applicable. However the VAT would then be claimed back on the next available return.

Q. Will I receive genuine Manufacturer parts on my repair?2018-11-22T20:18:56+00:00

A. This is really a question that you need to be asking when you take out your policy. It’s important to make sure that when you compare insurance quotes that you are comparing like with like as there may be some hidden differences and all too often people choose the cheapest policy only to find that it’s woefully inadequate when you actually come to make a claim. We fit genuine manufacturer parts regardless.

Q. I’ve heard that I must use a repairer stipulated by my insurer if they are to pay the repair bill. Is this true?2018-11-22T20:19:02+00:00

A. Usually not. Some policies stipulate that certain benefits or features of the policy may be forfeited in the case that you used a non- Approved Repairer. However we suggest calling us to discuss your situation if you would like us to take care of your vehicle as often we’ve found that we’ve been able to match or even improve upon the overall service you would have received elsewhere and we’ve been in the business a long time so we’re well known by all the popular insurer representatives. As a Manufacturer approved repairer for many brands, we would urge you to always choose a brand-approved repairer who focuses on quality and customer service. Many insurance approved Bodyshops may not be approved by the relevant manufacturer pertaining to the repair.

Q. If Rackhams carries out the repairs to my vehicle, will I be given a replacement?2018-11-22T20:19:22+00:00

A. We have a large fleet of courtesy vehicles specifically for this purpose. All that’s needed is to swap your insurance cover from your own vehicle to ours, which usually involves a simple telephone call. If you happen to be insured with one of the many insurance brands with whom we work regularly then the switch of cover is often painless. If someone else was to blame for the damage to your vehicle and you have their details then other options are available to meet your needs for a replacement vehicle.

Q. Is it true that if I’m making an insurance claim and I have an excess on my policy, I will need to pay this to Rackhams when I have the vehicle repaired?2018-11-22T20:19:29+00:00

A. It depends if the incident was your fault and if you are claiming on your own policy or somebody else’s. If the damage was caused by somebody else, and you have their details, you may be able to claim direct from their insurer which means you would not need to pay your excess. However this route can sometimes take longer than paying your excess up front and then having your own insurer claim it back for you. If the incident was your fault or there is nobody to claim from (Example: hit and run or vandalism) then unfortunately when making an insurance claim you obviously would have to pay the excess when you collect the vehicle following repairs.

Q. Do you repair all Makes of vehicle?2018-11-22T20:19:37+00:00

A. Yes of course. It’s not realistic to be a manufacturer approved repairer for every make of vehicle and some smaller manufacturers do not even run such programmes. However the experience we have gained repairing circa 50,000 vehicles of all brands since 1974, paired with training and tooling relating to some of the premium brands, means that we are extremely well versed in the repair of many and varied vehicles.

Q. What are the advantages of bringing my vehicle to a Bodyshop approved by the manufacturer?2018-11-22T20:19:44+00:00

A. Many. We enjoy product specific training, have exclusive access to detailed technical information, have developed extensive experience on these makes and offer full guarantees backed by the manufacturers themselves. All with genuine replacement parts as you would hope and expect. We believe that vehicle design and incorporated technology are becoming so advanced that soon (if not already) only manufacturer approved Bodyshops will be consistently capable of properly and safely repairing the vehicles. It’s a fact that to some extent the traditional body reshaping and paint application areas of any given repair have become the easy part!